Protection and Control Systems

Electroswitch Time Delay Control Switch Relay


- Provides Safe On Site Breaker Operation While Keeping Personnel Outside The "Arc Flash Zone"

- Fits Into Existing Breaker Control Switch Mounting

- No Special Wiring Required

- Intuitive Push Button Operation Simplifies Training Requirements

- Provides a Reliable, Cost Effective Method For Arc Flash Protection

Electroswitch Relays and Switches

Never A Doubt


Fast, Reliable Isolation. Integrated trip coil monitoring. Up to 48 contacts.

Manual and Electric Reset.


52CS Breaker Control.

Integrated Breaker Trip and Close Coil Monitoring.


Maintained or Spring Return.

2 - 8 Positions.

Positive Switching Contact for Years of Reliable Operation.

SecuControl FT Test Blocks

Test Interfaces for Power Systems


- Finger-safe
- Keyed Disconnect Pins
- Less than 2 mΩ internal resistance

- Ideal for Retrofit of Older FT Switches.10-pole models use the same panel cutout as the older FT switches. Even the terminal labeling is the same.
- Models with 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 or 20 poles. Any combination of currents, voltages or trip signals. Custom labeling.

ATC Diversified

Monitor - Alert - Protect



  • Detects Single or 3-Phase AC & DC Voltage or Stored Energy

  • Redundant Circuitry

  • Verification of Zero Energy in a Panel

  • Fits 1-1/4″ Conduit Knock-Out


  • Verification of Stored Energy Inside a Panel

  • Redundant Circuitry

  • 40-750 VAC, 30-1000 VDC Detection

  • Fits 30mm Knockout


  • Ideal for use in Lockout/Tagout Procedure

  • Enhances NFPA 70E & OSHA Compliance

  • Reduces Arc Flash & Electrocution Risk

  • Detects Stored Energy

  • Detects Ground Fault Problems

  • No Voltage Present on Enclosure Door Panels

  • DIN Rail or Surface Mounted Base

ARGA Battery Monitors

Panel Mount

  • Detects Ground Faults Automatically

  • Redundant Circuitry

  • Under / Over Voltage

  • Ripple Current

  • Various Communication options


  • Compact, Lightweight

  • Protect and Diagnose Your Essential BUS

Ground Fault Detector

  • Remote fault locator produces current pulses between transmitter and ground fault

  • Receiver is used to trace the line to the ground

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