Protection and Control Systems

Electroswitch Time Delay Control Switch Relay


- Provides Safe On Site Breaker Operation While Keeping Personnel Outside The "Arc Flash Zone"

- Fits Into Existing Breaker Control Switch Mounting

- No Special Wiring Required

- Intuitive Push Button Operation Simplifies Training Requirements

- Provides a Reliable, Cost Effective Method For Arc Flash Protection

Electroswitch Relays and Switches

Never A Doubt

ElectroSwitch Lockout Relay.jpg


Lock Out Relay

Fast, Reliable Isolation. Integrated trip coil monitoring. Up to 48 contacts.

Manual and Electric Reset.

Electroswitch Breaker Control.png


Breaker Control

52CS Breaker Control.

Integrated Breaker Trip and Close Coil Monitoring.

Series 24 Switch.JPG


Selector Switch

Maintained or Spring Return.

2 - 8 Positions.

Positive Switching Contact for Years of Reliable Operation.

SecuControl FT Test Blocks

Test Interfaces for Power Systems

SecuControl FTL.jpg

- Finger-safe
- Keyed Disconnect Pins
- Less than 2 mΩ internal resistance

- Ideal for Retrofit of Older FT Switches.10-pole models use the same panel cutout as the older FT switches. Even the terminal labeling is the same.
- Models with 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 or 20 poles. Any combination of currents, voltages or trip signals. Custom labeling.

ATC Diversified

Monitor - Alert - Protect

ATC UPA100_product.jpg


  • Detects Single or 3-Phase AC & DC Voltage or Stored Energy

  • Redundant Circuitry

  • Verification of Zero Energy in a Panel

  • Fits 1-1/4″ Conduit Knock-Out

ATC UPA130_product.jpg


  • Verification of Stored Energy Inside a Panel

  • Redundant Circuitry

  • 40-750 VAC, 30-1000 VDC Detection

  • Fits 30mm Knockout

ATC UPA200.jpg


  • Ideal for use in Lockout/Tagout Procedure

  • Enhances NFPA 70E & OSHA Compliance

  • Reduces Arc Flash & Electrocution Risk

  • Detects Stored Energy

  • Detects Ground Fault Problems

  • No Voltage Present on Enclosure Door Panels

  • DIN Rail or Surface Mounted Base

UPA200 Data Sheet

ARGA Battery Monitors

Arga Panel Battery Monitor.JPG

Panel Mount

  • Detects Ground Faults Automatically

  • Redundant Circuitry

  • Under / Over Voltage

  • Ripple Current

  • Various Communication options

Arga Portable Battery Monitor.JPG


  • Compact, Lightweight

  • Protect and Diagnose Your Essential BUS

Arga Fault Detector.JPG

Ground Fault Detector

  • Remote fault locator produces current pulses between transmitter and ground fault

  • Receiver is used to trace the line to the ground

Data Sheet